Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today I went over to my Mom's farm to meet up with a student that I have been teaching about showing and driving miniature horses. Here is a picture of Hannah Joy W. with miniature mare Crossroads Silver Rose aka Hannah Joy. Hannah (the girl) is the daughter of our pastor at Mt. Zion Worship and Family Center. Hannah Joy (the horse) is the name sake of the girl. My mom has this thing about naming her animals after people in her life.

The two Hannah's are going to try their hand at showing this summer. Hannah (the girl) is eleven years old, and Hannah (the horse) is six years old. We started teaching Hannah (the horse) to drive last fall. We kind of let it got through most of the winter because it was just plan and simply too cold, but today we harnessed her up and she stepped right back out there like we just drove her yesturday. When we first start out Hannah (the girl) always takes her horse out for a walk just to loosen her up. This is when I took this picture today.

The two Hannah's walk up and down the plowed drive-way since that is the only place to be even at this late date to walk without being knee deep in snow. Hannah (the girl) is very excited to be able to try her hand at showing this summer. I am just hoping that the snow is gone soon enough to get Hannah (the horse) hitched to a cart. We never did that last fall because the snow came in so early and we were reduced to the drive-way up and down, up and down and it is too narrow to correctly turn a horse in a cart.

I didn't keep the camera out once we harnessed Hannah (the horse) because I had to help Hannah (the girl) since neither are fully trained and ready to be set free. Plus it was so slippery out I didn't want Hannah (the girl) to slip and fall and loose control of Hannah (the horse).

We worked on some showmanship skills while we were out and about with them. The pair will hopefully be ready for the show in Cadillac in June. If not there are a couple of other shows later in the summer.


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