Sunday, March 15, 2009

As usual my life with my animals has many twist and turns. Last week my 11-year-old boxer mixed dog Sally was injured in while playing with the smaller dogs in the family, the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell. One of them had tugged on Sally's ear causing the blood vessel in her left year to break without breaking the skin. She had to have surgery to repair it. Dr. Whitney, the vet, had originally thought it would heal itself so we left it a lone for a week. However, it didn't but instead it got worse.

This is a picture of poor Silly Sally the day she returned from the animal hospital. She didn't like the E-Collar at all. She was bumping into things including us. Once she got trapped in the bathroom when she went in, turned around and caught the door with the E-Collar shutting it. Then she whined until I went and opened the door.

Poor Silly Sally. This is the third surgery that she has had to have in the last few years. She has cancer, as I am told is one of the defects of the Boxer breed, and has had to have tumors removed a few times. The worse being the one on her right thigh. Dr. Nelson (her other vet) said that it was very deep in her muscle and was very difficult to remove, but he did remove it all and it has not returned.

I have to say that we have been very luck to have Silly Sally as long as we have. She will be 12-years old this coming July 4th. She is in her senior years for the kind of dog that she is and she runs and plays like she is a pup. She rarely barks and she is such a wonderful dog. She is so good with Scooter, the Chihuahua and allows him to play and jump all over her. He is so small that she will lay down on the floor so that she is on his level. It is so funny to watch them play.

I hope to have Silly Sally around for some time. She is a wonderful friend.


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