Monday, March 2, 2009

It is finally March

No this not a huge mountian, it is a snow drift that showed up just a few days after our nice February thaw. Since I live in Michigan we just have to wait a day or so and everything will change.

The tempature in early February was in the high 40s and now the second day of March we are breaking record lows because we can not even break the mid teens. It was -22 below zero this morning when I woke up.

Here is my miniature horse stallion standing in front of that snow bank a couple of weeks later. We had a huge snow storm just a few days earlier dropping over a foot and a half of snow in 36-hours.

I know that I am really getting tired of this snow and it needs to go away and take the bitter cold weather along with it!!

This last Saturday February 28th I spent the day manning a booth at the local tack sale to help promote the Wolverine Morgan Horse Associaton that I have belonged to for many years.

This is the table (booth) that I ran for eight hours. My friend Shirley sat with me for several of those hours. We have known each other for several years through the club but we had a great time getting to know each other even better. I found out that Shirley and my husband's Uncle Bob worked together for over eight years. That was funny.

I got to see many old friends and make a few new ones as the day went on. I also got to buy a few really good buys too, but it is a good thing that I didn't take a whole lot of cash with me bacause I would have over spent!!
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  1. Wow. That snow drift is amazing and your miniature horse is pretty.