Sunday, March 15, 2009

As usual my life with my animals has many twist and turns. Last week my 11-year-old boxer mixed dog Sally was injured in while playing with the smaller dogs in the family, the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell. One of them had tugged on Sally's ear causing the blood vessel in her left year to break without breaking the skin. She had to have surgery to repair it. Dr. Whitney, the vet, had originally thought it would heal itself so we left it a lone for a week. However, it didn't but instead it got worse.

This is a picture of poor Silly Sally the day she returned from the animal hospital. She didn't like the E-Collar at all. She was bumping into things including us. Once she got trapped in the bathroom when she went in, turned around and caught the door with the E-Collar shutting it. Then she whined until I went and opened the door.

Poor Silly Sally. This is the third surgery that she has had to have in the last few years. She has cancer, as I am told is one of the defects of the Boxer breed, and has had to have tumors removed a few times. The worse being the one on her right thigh. Dr. Nelson (her other vet) said that it was very deep in her muscle and was very difficult to remove, but he did remove it all and it has not returned.

I have to say that we have been very luck to have Silly Sally as long as we have. She will be 12-years old this coming July 4th. She is in her senior years for the kind of dog that she is and she runs and plays like she is a pup. She rarely barks and she is such a wonderful dog. She is so good with Scooter, the Chihuahua and allows him to play and jump all over her. He is so small that she will lay down on the floor so that she is on his level. It is so funny to watch them play.

I hope to have Silly Sally around for some time. She is a wonderful friend.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today I went over to my Mom's farm to meet up with a student that I have been teaching about showing and driving miniature horses. Here is a picture of Hannah Joy W. with miniature mare Crossroads Silver Rose aka Hannah Joy. Hannah (the girl) is the daughter of our pastor at Mt. Zion Worship and Family Center. Hannah Joy (the horse) is the name sake of the girl. My mom has this thing about naming her animals after people in her life.

The two Hannah's are going to try their hand at showing this summer. Hannah (the girl) is eleven years old, and Hannah (the horse) is six years old. We started teaching Hannah (the horse) to drive last fall. We kind of let it got through most of the winter because it was just plan and simply too cold, but today we harnessed her up and she stepped right back out there like we just drove her yesturday. When we first start out Hannah (the girl) always takes her horse out for a walk just to loosen her up. This is when I took this picture today.

The two Hannah's walk up and down the plowed drive-way since that is the only place to be even at this late date to walk without being knee deep in snow. Hannah (the girl) is very excited to be able to try her hand at showing this summer. I am just hoping that the snow is gone soon enough to get Hannah (the horse) hitched to a cart. We never did that last fall because the snow came in so early and we were reduced to the drive-way up and down, up and down and it is too narrow to correctly turn a horse in a cart.

I didn't keep the camera out once we harnessed Hannah (the horse) because I had to help Hannah (the girl) since neither are fully trained and ready to be set free. Plus it was so slippery out I didn't want Hannah (the girl) to slip and fall and loose control of Hannah (the horse).

We worked on some showmanship skills while we were out and about with them. The pair will hopefully be ready for the show in Cadillac in June. If not there are a couple of other shows later in the summer.


Monday, March 2, 2009

It is finally March

No this not a huge mountian, it is a snow drift that showed up just a few days after our nice February thaw. Since I live in Michigan we just have to wait a day or so and everything will change.

The tempature in early February was in the high 40s and now the second day of March we are breaking record lows because we can not even break the mid teens. It was -22 below zero this morning when I woke up.

Here is my miniature horse stallion standing in front of that snow bank a couple of weeks later. We had a huge snow storm just a few days earlier dropping over a foot and a half of snow in 36-hours.

I know that I am really getting tired of this snow and it needs to go away and take the bitter cold weather along with it!!

This last Saturday February 28th I spent the day manning a booth at the local tack sale to help promote the Wolverine Morgan Horse Associaton that I have belonged to for many years.

This is the table (booth) that I ran for eight hours. My friend Shirley sat with me for several of those hours. We have known each other for several years through the club but we had a great time getting to know each other even better. I found out that Shirley and my husband's Uncle Bob worked together for over eight years. That was funny.

I got to see many old friends and make a few new ones as the day went on. I also got to buy a few really good buys too, but it is a good thing that I didn't take a whole lot of cash with me bacause I would have over spent!!
Take Care,