Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring like day in February

Saturday Feb. 7, 2009

Today was an beautiful day. The temps finally rose high enough to actually get some things done around the place that has been need done for several weeks but the cold tempatures were hindering it.

Today the horses actually spent the entire day out in the pasture and the dogs were out playing instead of sleeping on their chairs. It just makes a body ache for spring and train riding season to start that much sooner.

The picture that I posted here is one that I took of my Morgan stallion Quinn last summer in the early morning sun light. He is such a beautiful horse, and no I am not saying that because he is mine, that I love to take pictures of him. I knew after a few mornings of seeing him in the early morning light that I had to get his picture. So I planned one morning ahead of time to take the camera with me when I went to do chores. He always stands in the corner of his paddock and talks to me until I take him his breakfast. I can hardly believe that I have owned this wonderful horse for fifteen and a half years now. Hopefully he will be around a long time to come yet. He is a dream to ride and I plan on riding him a lot more this summer.

Spring is just around the corner, you can feel it in the air:-)


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  1. wow, does sound beautriful. your lucky to have horses you can ride when you want, i used to ride but quite as it was costing a fortune