Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb. 20th

Wow! has it been ten days since I last checked in? I guess it has. Going through some on my stock pictures from my photography job inventory I found this one. I took it in November of 2006. I don't use any filters when doing nature photography so this is what the sky looked like on that November night two and a half years ago.

Today was another day that God's blessing shined down on me. I have to give him glory when my day has been as great as it has been today. I got a chance to sit down and talk with a friend that I haven't had the time to speak with in a while. It was a wonderful talk and I was so glad to have the time to talk with them.

When I got home from my visit I got a great phone call about my job interview that I went on last week. I got the job!! PTL. I will be going back to work for the grocery store whee I started my baking career 23 years ago. It will be strange but I am excited. It will just be part time but that is what I need so that I can still do my Photography and enjoy my horses. I will be working again for Ray Haase, who was one of my supervisors when I worked at Prevo's where I spent ten years as a baker. I haven't seen Ray yet but I did talk to him a few months ago. I am excited to be going back into the bakery world. The store that I will be working at is just a few miles from the house so I won't have to travel over twenty miles like I did when I worked for Tom's before. This store will be brand new and opening the doors in April.

Winter has returned sadly. Today was not as cold as the day before but it was still cold compared to the 50s we had ten days ago. We are suppose to have more snow coming in tonight.

I had a small accident with my seven year old gelding last Sunday. My friend Trina was coming to pick me and Missy up to go over to Janet's to ride for the afternoon in Janet's indoor arena, and for some reason Sammy decided to spin and kick out and caught me right in the middle of my lower back. It hurt for a few minutes but then I went riding and felt better.

Well for being gone for so long not much has happened with me so I am going to close this post with just saying that the Lord is wonderful and I am so Thankful that he is in control of my life.

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