Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today is another cold day here in Northwest Lower Michigan. It is only in the 20s. I am about fed up with winter. It has been snowing blowing and cold since early November. We have had a few days of alright weather but nothing to write home about.

I am still thinking about my trip to Washington DC, one week ago today I was sleeping at this time of the day trying to recover from the 12 hours non stop on the road. It was a trip that was worth every heartbreak and frustrating moment that it took to get there. My mare still has her shoes on from the trip because now I might be riding in another parade here in Northern Michigan during the Beulah Winterfest on Feb. 14th. I haven't ridden in that parade in several years but it will be fun if I can ride in it this year with my friends Janet and Trina. The last time I rode in it it was just with Trina, but we had a blast!!

My horses are in the barn today because of the wind. With the wind chill factor and that we are on top of a hill it is hard to have the horses out in the cold and the wind at the same time. Another reason why I would just like the spring to get here. I am tired of having the horses in the barn more then they are out. Horses are ment to be out running in the fields not locked up in a stall, even though my stalls are very large.

I have a meeting with the Benize County Sheriff's Mounted Unit tonight. I might be going back to riding with them. I would love to ride with my home county once again. I miss everyone that had become such great friends over the four years that I rode with them before. It has been a year and a half since I rode with them officially and but it seems like five years.

I am also trying to get the Wolverine Morgan Horse newsletter started so that after the meeting this coming Sunday I will be ahead of the game and just have to ad the minutes from the meeting.

My friend and I will be starting our Christian Trail Riding group next month also. We are looking forward to having a summer full of trail riding and praise to the Lord while we are doing it. The Lord gave us the horse to enjoy and we have to remember they are a gift from him and we should thank him all the time for this wonderful gift. Also if we can help bring people to know the glory of the Lord through our love of the horses, what a wonderful thing.

I will try to post later tonight and post the out come of the meeting tonight and rather or not I am going to be riding with the Benzie County Sheriff's Office Mounted unit again or not. I really hope so.


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