Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My trip to DC part two

DC Trip part 2

Once we had horses settled, about two hours later, we went to the hotel (40 miles away on the west side of the Potomac River) and settle ourselves in. We then all went to a find some lunch. Not as easy as it sounds on a Sunday morning two days before the inauguration! We ended up in a little family owned restaurant that apparently just opened. It was a nightmare. I never did get anything to eat there. It wasn’t that the food was bad or that the service was bad either, it was more the fact that twenty people walked in unannounced to a small family restaurant that didn’t have the staff on board at the time.

While in the DC area I traveled around with my core mounted members. We ended up leaving the restaurant without me eating. On the way back to the hotel Kyle stopped by a KFC so I could at least get something to eat and it was so good and I was so hungry. We went to the hotel where we rested for a short time and then headed back over to the barn to see our horses.

My friend Sarah came to visit. Her and her husband used to be our neighbors here in Michigan. We miss her and Nick so much but I didn’t get a chance to see Nick because he works so much.

We rode around for sometime exploring the PGEC (Prince George Equestrian Center), what a place! This is the same place that the Washington International Grand Prix show is held at.

We tucked the horses in for the night and headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Once we arrived at PGEC the rest of our day want by fairly quietly. Once I took a shower and laid down in a real bed (instead of a van seat) I was sleeping before 9pm, which is unusual for me who normally stays awake until midnight or later.

End of part 2

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